Monday, February 14, 2011

Requesting Feedback

Dear El Sistema Movement Colleagues,

Please read the proposed statements below, and offer your feedback. Our Task Force will accomodate as many suggestions as we can, being mindful that Vision and Mission Statements are most powerful when they are succinct and include active language. Please feel free to comment on one another's posts to give us a sense of your views. This may be a slightly awkward way to refine language together, but, with your help, we can arrive at statements that hold our shared aspirations and values in a clear and compelling way. Will we consider comments until Thursday, February 24.

Thank you,

The Document Task force: Anne, Camille, Eric and Mark. Eric will host this first effort.

Draft: VISION Statement of the El Sistema Network of Nucleos in the U.S.

The El Sistema Network of Nucleos in the U.S. thrives as a vital and growing network of independent musical ensemble programs for youth with the fewest resources, programs inspired and informed by Venezuela's El Sistema. The movement transforms the lives of all those who come in contact with its work-students, teachers, families, artists, community activists and supporters-using musical expression to expand the potential of our youth, to bridge cultural divisions, to celebrate the richness and relevance of ensemble music, and to coordinate the efforts of partner organizations and individuals who aspire to shared goals of youth and community development.

Draft: MISSION Statement of the El Sistema Network of Nucleos in the U.S.

The mission of the El Sistema Network of Nucleos in the U.S. is to support and foster the emerging musical and social movement in the United States that has been inspired by El Sistema in Venezuela, by building a national network of shared resources, values, aspirations, and advocacy to unify the growing populations of geographically and organizationally diverse El Sistema-inspired programs and multiply their impact.